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Look up: Here are the best times to spot the International Space Station this week
Sep 18th, 2020 07:38 UTC The International Space Station will be visible in the Cincinnati sky for over 30 minutes between now and Tuesday, according to NASA’s “Spot The Station” tracker.

‘Space Hero:’ Planned reality TV show wants to launch winner to International Space Station
Sep 18th, 2020 03:48 UTC The International Space Station, as seen from the space shuttle Atlantis in July 2011, on the final flight of the shuttle program. A planned reality TV show aims to take one lucky contestant into the

What the International Space Station teaches us about our future in space
(Sep 2020) A collaboration among international space agencies, this laboratory offers a glimpse into the origins of the cosmos and the possibilities of future spaceflight.

NASA is filming an Estée Lauder ad on the International Space Station
on 17th of Sep 2020 Estée Lauder has teamed up with NASA to shoot a commercial on the International Space Station for its skincare serum. Up to 10 bottles will launch to the ship later this month for their debut in space

New Reality Show To Send Winner To Space For 10 Days
Sep 18th, 2020 05:40 UTC The reality series titled “Space Hero” will soon launch a worldwide hunt for people with a keen interest in space exploration.

International Space Station Captures Baltimore, DC Metro Areas In Satellite Image
(Sep 2020) The International Space Station shared a satellite image of the Baltimore and DC metro areas for space Tuesday night.

How Cold War Politics Shaped the International Space Station
(Sep 2020) The station is a paragon of space-age cosmopolitanism, but this enduring international cooperation was hard-won. The ISS was shaped by the politics of the Cold War, and the difficult decisions made by

ISS cosmonaut delivers space photography lesson for flat
on 17th of Sep 2020 Ivan Vagner of Roscosmos has been orbiting Earth on the International Space Station for months now. He’s shared tons of photos of Earth landmarks through social media, and it seems he would like

A design proposal calls for building the world’s largest underwater habitat — a deep
(Sep 2020) Fabien Costeau — grandson of oceanographer Jacques Cousteau — helped design a proposed habitat named Proteus that would sit 60 feet underwater.

Winner of reality TV competition show ‘Space Hero’ will launch to the International Space Station
Sep 18th, 2020 08:39 UTC Contestants of a new reality TV competition show, called Space Hero, will undergo training and challenges for a chance to launch to space where they will spend 10 days on the ISS.

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